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Which phone number should I give to others?

There are many VRS providers out there.  They all offer to give you local numbers.  The best solution, rather than giving your deaf and hard of hearing friends and family, along with your hearing friends and family, is to get a 800 number.  You can designate which videophone your 800 number is to ring to. ZVRS offers a 800 number that you can get and you can tie that 800 number to your local number.  Bear in mind, the local number you use for your primary videophone is the one you designate for 911 calls.  This should not change.  You need this to maintain your profile with your default provider.  To make outgoing calls with ZVRS from any device, you can call (IP) or (888) 888-1116 as an outgoing phone number.  If u you have more questions, just ask Dr. Z and your answer will be published on the askdrz website the next time around.

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