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Welcome to Dr. Z and You! (VLOG)

This is to welcome you to this website. It is designed to be the up to date website for any matter related to VRS. Anything you need to know about VRS should be here (we will try our best to make it happen!) We also will make it possible for you to express your thoughts so you can share it with others who use this website.

You can ask us questions or contact us anytime and if we feel your questions will benefit our readers, we will put it up on the website.

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1 comment to Welcome to Dr. Z and You! (VLOG)

  • Dr. Z is a hypothetical doctor giving advice to those who are interested in VRS. VRS stands for video relay service, a service that enables people who are deaf and hard of hearing to make phone calls via video. VCO is voice carry over which enables deaf and hard of hearing people to speak to the hearing person they are calling and see their response via video with an interpreter. Hope this helps.

    Have a good day.

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