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CSDVRS, LLC (ZVRS), Purple and Snap File Request with FCC Regarding Sorenson's Refusal to Make its Equipment Comply with Standards for Caller-ID

This “cease and desist” request was filed with the FCC on June 16, 2009. In order for all videophone equipment to communicate with each other, such as Z150 with VP200, or Purple MVP with OJO, they must follow standards or “international rules” that the industry agrees on to make equipment talk to one another. This standard is called H.323.

For example, for cell phones, if an user using an ATT cell phone calls another user with a Verizon cell phone, they can talk with each other and a Verizon cell phone can see the Caller-ID of the ATT cell phone. With videophones, all videophones except the VP-200 can see the Caller-ID of the other videophones because they follow the H.323 standard. In this request, CSDVRS, LLC (ZVRS) Purple and SNAP are asking the FCC to put the Caller-ID in the right place so other videophone equipment such as the Z150, MVP or the Ojo can see the Caller-ID information. If the VP-200 does not show the Caller-ID to an agent (VI) who works for CSDVRS, Purple or SNAP, then the agent cannot make the Caller-ID available to a videophone. If you use a VP-200 to call another VP200, the VP-200 user can see the caller-ID. This is not “fair” or to use a legal term not “functionally equivalent” because a non VP-200 phone cannot see the Caller-ID of a VP-200.

To see a copy of the request:

Sorenson responded on June 26, 2009 stating the following:

1) that it complies with all relevant rules governing Caller-ID
2) that it has proposed a standard that would allow providers to share calling party information
3) its method for passing calling party information is consistent with the interoperability ruling
4) Caller-ID has no impact on emergency calls or on registration requirements

To see a copy of Sorenson’s response:

You need to read both filings, the filing of the request from, CSDVRS, Purple and Snap, and the reply from Sorenson to draw a conclusion.

As of July 23rd, 2009, the FCC has not yet acted on the request from CSDVRS (ZVRS), Purple and Snap. o

1 comment to CSDVRS, LLC (ZVRS), Purple and Snap File Request with FCC Regarding Sorenson's Refusal to Make its Equipment Comply with Standards for Caller-ID

  • Sean

    Seriously, all VRS providers need to grow up, even if they are rivals. They NEED to COMPLETELY comply with what FCC has to say. What FCC has on the rulings, are FINAL and all VRS should comply, not buttering/coaxing FCC to revise things or the like.

    With all this bull**** going on, it definitely hinder our ability to communicate one to another. Take a look at our HEARING phone company, even they are rivals, they comply down the VERY line of FCC’s guideline. Why can’t VRS do the same thing?!?

    *sigh* Grow up!

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