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Why is a VP-200 not recognizing calls from my Z-150?

On 7/28/09 2:07 PM, a deaf consumer from the University of Pittsburgh wrote:

I received the 150 for our university’s deaf staff and find that it can not make calls to people who have Sorenson VP….how can that be possible? Does FCC allow that?????? What do I have to do about this? I got CDSVRS to place calls and find that I can’t…..
Dear Interested Consumer:

Yes, we are aware of the situation you are experiencing and this is an issue we have brought to the attention of Sorenson. What’s happening is Sorenson is not putting the phone numbers of those Sorenson VP units on the national data base. You can read the editorial on the Dr. Z website on this matter:

Editorial #2-“Second Class Citizens?”

We are working hard to make this happen, and the FCC is aware of this issue. You might want to file a complaint with the FCC on this as well using this link (Docket Number 03-123):!input.action?form_page=2000C

Other forms of filing complaints can be found at this link:

Thank you for asking.

Phil (Dr. Z)

1 comment to Why is a VP-200 not recognizing calls from my Z-150?

  • Jacob Fisher

    question: maybe sorenson is getting backed up by numbers of the VP numbers that they need to submit to FCC. however, is there a option for us VP-200 or any VP users to submit the numbers ourself to the national Database?

    reply: there is no option for consumers to update the national data base–only the service providers can do that

    Thank you for your questiuon.

    Phil (Dr. Z)

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