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6 Disasters in FCC Numbering (NEW) (VLOG)

How it can be a disaster or a huge benefit?

Disaster #1 – Keeping your fake Sorenson number.

Disaster #2 – You get 2 or 3 numbers for the same Video Phone

Disaster #3 – You put in a bad or wrong address for 911 in your profile

Disaster #4 – You hand out more than one number to hearing people

Disaster #5 – Your hearing friend gets a big unexpected long distance bill

Disaster #6 – You give a number to someone for your second phone but when they call, your Sorenson VP rings

If you follow the recommendations and suggestions in the PDF file, you will not have a disaster on your hands.

6 Disasters in FCC Numbering-short form (download)
6 Disasters in FCC Numbering-long form (download)

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