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Follow Up to Editorial #2-Calling Sorenson about my non-functional local number (NEW)

This editorial in question indicates that there was an issue in making calls from a non-VP 200 videophone to a VP-200 videophone using an assigned local number.

I took it upon myself to check this further. Here is what I did:

Knowing people had problems calling me on my VP-200, I decided to verify my local number on the website.

It said my local number (802) XXX-XXXX was not registered on the national data base. A Sorenson installer put the local number on my unit last spring. He drove over 100 miles to my home to do that.

I called Sorenson technical support and explained my situation. The rep (No. 2030) said he was unaware of this situation. He put me on hold and said he would speak to his supervisor. He said his supervisor told him this was not a technical support question and he transferred me to Sorenson customer support.

The customer support rep (No. 50) answered my call. I explained my situation to him. He said everything appeared OK and he did not understand why the number did not work with non-VP 200 units. I explained that I was not the only one as I knew other deaf people had the same problem.

He put me on hold to talk to his supervisor (No. 36.) He came back on and said his supervisor asked him to write an email explaining my situation and they would get back to me.

I will keep you folks posted on this development on this blog.

Dr. Z

Note: As of today (August 17, 2009), I have yet to hear from Sorenson on this matter. I rechecked the info on the ZVRS website regarding the existence of my number on the national data base. It is still not there. I do not understand how difficult it can be to put my local number on the national data base.

This is the link to editorial #2 (for your review).

2 comments to Follow Up to Editorial #2-Calling Sorenson about my non-functional local number (NEW)

  • Concerned User

    Well, you are not alone! It happens in every state. There is conspiracy on Sorenson’s part. They are not upfront and not being honest. I did call too and they are using delaying tactics. This is possible violation of law somewhere in the midst of laws. We need to boycott sorenson by throwing it in trash or put in box and ship it back to them.

  • karen kleiman

    i totally agree with the concerned user’s reply as i have the same issue. i have always have felt that sorenson is trying to control their power to discourage non soreson users and they probably think that non users would give in and switch to use their company! we must not give in and not let them win! looking at the hearing callers using different carriers without any problems whenever they make calls so why must sorenson block non sorenson users to make calls?? not right! another concerned user as well!

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