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MiFI-A Wireless Router and Hot Spot! (NEW)

This is a great device. It is a wireless router, wireless hotspot and a wireless access point all built into one credit card sized device. It is currently marketed by Sprint and Verizon and sells for $99 bucks. This also requires a monthly fee of around $50-70 for 5 gb of usage per month.

We have not yet tested this with video with the Z340 yet–but from some indications it seems to work very well. Bear in mind it has a 5 gb limit and using too much video within a month can get you over the limit.

It should be good with wireless devices such as the Z340 and you can use it anywhere where there is no wifi coverage–it is similar to something called Cradlepoint, but is much more flexible.

AT and T and T-Mobile have not yet brought similar products to market.

This is the link to Sprint’s website on MiFi.

This is the link to Verizon’s website on MiFi.

Dr. Z does not specifically endorse products or guarantee their ability to work with your devices. You need to be an informed consumer to check into these further before making a decision to buy.

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