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Emergencies and Video Relay

What should one do in a emergency that requires a 911 call? Dial 911!

But how do you do it on a videophone device? Just dial 911 using the keypad as if you are dialing a phone. You will be connected to a VRS interpreter who will verify the address to be sure you are calling from the right location (in case you did not change your address on the profile on file with the VRS provider). The VRS interpreter will call the closest public safety access point (PSAP) and process the call interpreting your dialogue. In the case you are almost incapacitated and unable to communicate, the VRS interpreter will go ahead and call the closest PSAP to send help to your house.

Be mindful that in the case of a power failure, your VRS device, your cable or DSL modem and your router will not work. This is when you need to use a battery powered TTY and a regular phone line. So words to the wise–keep your regular phone line and old TTY available for cases like this. We all care!

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