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New Series on Numbering by Dr. Z

Starting next week and continuing for several months, there will be a series of articles and vlogs on numbering issues (Numbering 101).  As we all know, a lot of consumers and people who use videophones continue to be confused with numbering issues.  Dr. Z and his associates want to set the record straight and make sure everyone is on the same page. In the end, we all will have a pleasant videophone experience with no obstacles and no hiccups when it comes to numbering issues. It requires an industry effort, not the effort of one person or one company to make all this happen. Dr. Z is taking on this challenge and is asking the industry to do likewise. The objective is for the deaf and hard of hearing person to have a functionally equivalent communication experience. Let’s do it! If you do not want to miss the series, you are welcome to subscribe to the website by filling out the form at the upper right hand site of the Dr. Z website (

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