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Editorial #9-Still Tapping My Fingers…(NEW)

A couple months ago, I brought to your attention the tactics of “you know whom” still doing the following…

1) Not passing the caller id to non-VP-200 devices
2) Using a non standard method for missed calls
3) Dragging their feet on updating the national data base with VP-200 local numbers (they did update mine after quite some time, but we are still hearing that others are still waiting for theirs to be updated)
4) Asking the FCC to restrict homes to 1 IP address per household
5) Confusing the public with numbering information

All this from what is a market leader? And this is treating deaf and hard of hearing people as second-class citizens. They have been “deaf” to all of the above–not listening to the real needs and concerns of deaf and hard of hearing consumers, instead barging ahead with their own agenda.

History tells us market leaders like this have a life of its own. Come on, treat us well and make all calls functionally equivalent–respect the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing people in making video calls.

1 comment to Editorial #9-Still Tapping My Fingers…(NEW)

  • ZackS

    Indeed “you know whom” has been dragging their feet. VP numbers in State offices and Universities have NOT been entered into the national data base despite having the same local numbers for over a year or more.
    I do not doubt they are doing or not doing all the stuff on the Editorial #9 list.

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