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VRS Numbering 101-Lesson #3-"What is the national database?" (VLOG) (CC)

Numbering 101-Lesson #3

What is the national database?

1-When people talk about numbering, they always refer to the national database.

2-What is it? It is a place on a computer where everyone’s phone number and their IP address are saved.

3-Who controls and handles it? The FCC contracted with a company named Neustar. Neustar works with all VRS providers to keep track of their IP addresses and phone numbers. If an IP address changes, the VRS provider informs Neustar of the change. If a new phone is registered, the videophone company informs Neustar of the newly registered phone number along with the related IP address.

4-When you make a call, how does it work? When you make a videophone call, before the call is connected, the call goes from your videophone to your VRS provider who checks the national database. If the call-to phone number is there, the national database returns the IP address of the person who you are calling to the VRS provider who makes the connection. If the number is not there, this means the call is going to a hearing person. The national database then tells the VRS provider that the number is not there, then the VRS provider connects you to a video interpreter to make the call to the hearing person.

5-Why do we use a phone number address to connect calls? Why not use IP addresses? Videophones use the internet and telephones use the phone system–they both do not talk to each other. The 10-digit number you are getting is a phone number which works only on the internet with your videophone. The national database is the place where they connect the phone number with an IP address. The IP address is used to make connections on the internet with your videophone. The phone number helps find the IP address. Phone numbers are easier to remember and are more convenient than IP addresses. IP addresses change; phone numbers don’t change.

Dr. Z is here to help you. We want you to communicate happily ever after!

1 comment to VRS Numbering 101-Lesson #3-"What is the national database?" (VLOG) (CC)

  • Charles Townsen

    You used to have a link on your support page that allowed one to check if a number was really registered in the national database. The link was:

    One day it just disappeared. The link was a great help to those of us who do not use VP-200 video phones. Why was this access removed?

    ZVRS was asked by the provider of the data base. Neustar (who is contracted by the FCC to maintain the data base) to have this link removed for security reasons. If you want to check, you can send me an email and ill forward it to the right people to have it checked.

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