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VRS Numbering 101-Lesson #4-"How is 911 and numbering related?" (NEW)

Numbering 101-Lesson #4

How is 911 and numbering related?

1-If you don’t register for a 10-digit number, then your videophone will not work after November 12th, 2009 and you won’t be able to make 911 calls from your videophone.

2-Why is that the case? When you register with your videophone provider for a 10-digit number, you are also asked to provide the address where the videophone is located. The address is used after checking with you when you make a 911 call before sending the first responder (police, fire, ambulance) out to your place.

3-What if I have several videophones in the house? You need to register each videophone with the videophone provider and you will get an unique 10-digit number for each videophone…also you will be providing your location address to each provider of the videophone. After you do that, you will be able to make 911 calls from any of the videophones in your house.

4-When you make a 911 call, how does it work? When you dial 911 from your videophone–the videophone company is required to move your call to the top of the list so you should not have to wait. After answering the call, the video interpreter will verify the address before sending the first responder over.

5-What if you are incapicitated (fainting, on floor can’t move)? The video interpreter will answer the call and send the first responder to the address that is tied with the number you are calling from. (That is why it is important to have the right address at all times.)

6. What if I move my videophone to a different location? Be sure to inform your videophone provider of the location change so 911 assistance can be sent to the right address.

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