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VRS Numbering 101-Lesson #7-"Why do you have several local numbers and 800 numbers?" (NEW)

Numbering 101-Lesson #7

Why do you have several local numbers and 800 numbers?

1. The most important thing to keep keep in mind is that you need one number per videophone device and also one per ip-relay device just like hearing people who have one number for each cell phone they have.

2. Why not one number per house? If that is the case, you won’t know which phone to use when an incoming call comes in. For your friends and relatives, you need to give the phone number for that videophone you usually use for incoming calls.

3. How so you know which phone rings when an incoming call comes in? If you have an alerting device you need to know which device is connected to the lights in your house, otherwise you won’t be able to know which phone rings when the light flashes.

4. What other ways can you be alerted? If you have one of the Z phones from ZVRS (Z150, Z340, Z-Ojo, Z-PC100 or the new Z4), you can have incoming call alert your pager and you can answer the phone.

5. What about 800 numbers? They are like local numbers-you will have an 800 number for each videophone.

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