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Why Do We Talk About Numbering? (NEW)

People ask us–why do you keep talking about numbering. Do we have all the issues resolved? The answer is no because we checked and checked–there is still a lot of confusion in America. Many of you who are reading this would agree. So, we decided to go national–go to every corner of America and clear the air. It is like defrosting your car window. Right now, the numbering issue is frosting your window. We are applying de-icer to the window so you can see (and then understand numbering) and make calls without hesitation or puzzlement. There are sources out there who are not exactly giving you the right information. We are here to make the many wrongs into rights.

The following is a list of the top things in your mind—

What is right, what is wrong?
Why are there too many numbers out there?
Which number should I use?
What is a default provider?
How does 911 work?

When you are able to understand all this–you will be happy ever after making video calls, with the help of Dr. Z and his team! We are here to work with you.

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