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Ask Dr. Z-How to File a Complaint with the FCC? How Do You Read Other Filings with the FCC? (NEW)

As we all know, the FCC is responsible for insuring communication access for all of us. They depend on feedback from the community to guide them in making their decisions. In Dr. Z’s travels across the country, some people during the question and answer sessions have stated some complaints about some VRS companies providing the service. Dr. Z has told them that complaining via a blog or to their friends does not make things happen. If you want to make things happen, the way to do it is to complain directly to the FCC. It is easy to do that and Dr. Z has written about this before and he is writing this again now. You need to click the link below and enter the number “03-123” in the Proceeding Number and fill out the rest of the form and click “Continue”.

Link to File a Complaint with the FCC

Complaints, petitions, filings and orders are public information. They appear on the FCC’s website. You can click the following link and enter “03-123” as the Proceeding Number and click “Search for Comments” (You do not have to enter anything else). You will get a list of different things filed with the FCC about VRS, including complaints.

Link to See all Filings, Including Complaints with the FCC

The more information the FCC gets, the more your communication expectations will be met.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

2 comments to Ask Dr. Z-How to File a Complaint with the FCC? How Do You Read Other Filings with the FCC? (NEW)

  • Jowy Crosta

    I am not sure where to report. Here’s problem… Dec. 11th, I called Wachovia (866 733 4320) and they did not accepted my call cuz it’s third party. ZVRS VI# 2609 was very helpful and tried to clarify the legeal of using vrs. They still won’t accept it. Of course, I was very upset cuz it’s very important call. I tried to filed that to FCC and I did not see how to do that. HELP…

  • Heres how to file a complaint with the FCC

    Link to File a Complaint with the FCC

    Let me know if this works. Thanks

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