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Editorial #10-Stop! Stop! Treating Us as Second Class Citizens!!!(NEW)

Here we go again–how can a market leader dictate how we deaf and hard of hearing people live our own lives? Here’s one example…Sorenson Communications filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the FCC on October 2nd, 2009. (Link to Sorenson filing)

For the most part, this petition makes sense, it is a very lengthy document and Sorenson has been beating its drums as to how it has been a good citizen in doing such things. But they need to be realistic–they cannot tell us how to live our lives. In the fine print of the aforementioned document, they say that deaf and hard of hearing people should not use VRS to listen in on “podcast” or recorded calls. How dare they? Where’s the functional equivalency in this? Hearing people can do that from their phones without a problem. If the FCC takes up Sorenson on this suggestion, deaf and hard of hearing people will be cut off from being able to listen on audio announcements recorded by some entity out there. What is the alternative? Back to the Dark Ages by asking a hearing person or interpreter to interpret the audio for us?

I urge Sorenson to be more proactive by listening to the deaf and hard of hearing people and prior to filing such comments, to check with its Consumer Advisory Board or whatever name they give to that fine group of people. I doubt it if that Board had passed judgment in this specific instance. I am continuing to read this thick petition to see if there are other examples of trying to cut us off from the world of communications.

A market leader has a responsibility to be sensitive to the constituency it serves, not to make assumptions that they think because “we are a leader, we can dictate how the market serves its consumers.” It is not supposed to be the case.

1 comment to Editorial #10-Stop! Stop! Treating Us as Second Class Citizens!!!(NEW)

  • Mark Hill

    I totally agreed with you about Sorenson’s request. Hey, Sorenson, if you read my comment, it is time for you to treat us like first-class citizens that ADA and the American Constitution/Bill of Right have offered us, deaf and hard of hearing American signers, the civil rights and protection! Thank You…..

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