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Editorial #12-Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt? Sorenson Is At It Again (NEW)

Sorenson on November 12, 2009 has removed the numbers of their customer’s 866 numbers from their data base as they want to comply with the FCC’s assertion on this issue. This means that incoming calls from other units cannot access Sorenson units with a 866 number, only with a local number. The FCC issued this clarification regarding 800/866 numbers without a proper process. But, but, when a Z150 or another provider receives a call from a Sorenson VP-200, the unit still passes a 866 number, causing more confusion among the deaf and hard of hearing consumers. Are they speaking with a forked tongue?–telling the FCC they are a good soldier removing 866 numbers, and behind their backs, passing 866 numbers to other VP devices. This is causing confusion and grief among deaf and hard of hearing consumers who are using VP devices as they cannot call back to a VP-200 using 866 numbers. There is a way to disable this to change the 866 to local numbers by navigating a whole set of menus to access the page to make this change. And to effect the change is not very clear on the menus.

This method is causing some fear, which in turn creates uncertainty and finally doubt. This is from the market leader who again is still creating confusion in the community. The FCC is expending money to educate people about numbering while the market leader is causing confusion. Doesn’t this make sense?

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

5 comments to Editorial #12-Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt? Sorenson Is At It Again (NEW)

  • Matthew

    Sir, why does Sorenson like to beating around the bush between us and FCC? Sorenson is starting to frustrate me already. I tried to call my friend with 800 number through my Z-340 but went straight to Voice Interpreter, not same as before just as we were approaching to the deadline on Nov. 12. I had to change my contact list and removed some 800 numbers and replaced with some local numbers after failed for few attempts to call my friends with 800 numbers to their VP200s from my Z products. I had to testing my contact list to call my friends on VP200 to their VP200 and all 800 numbers were working. I can see why everyone can get so confused between FCC, Sorenson, and us. I do understand your point very clearly about 800 numbers and Sorenson but hopefully they will play fair with us soon. Thanks!

  • ZackS

    I was trying to call State offices from my Z Ojo at home, and also with my PC running Z PC 100 VP software. The State offices have Sorenson VP-200’s there. I called the numbers, and got sent to voice Interpreter every time. Needed to get in touch with Counselor for important business, but can not do so!
    Also tried calling Deaf friends whom I have their 866 VP numbers. Cannot get thru at all.
    Sorenson giving me a lot of grief and difficulty.

  • ZackS

    Maybe I have some news for you- just tried today and yesterday. Sorenson is BLOCKING local VP numbers. I tried to make calls both from my Zojo and Purple p3 Software on computer. Guess what? SHUNTED to voice VRS Interp. Inexcusable!

  • ZackS

    Pure and simple- the “Market Leader’s” whole plan is to create fear and confusion. Seems to me that they have teams of people who instead of Improving VRS services….. the teams create confusion and roadblocks to their advantage.

  • Matthew

    If Sorenson is continuing to cause us to be confusion then I will port my own local number from VP200 to Z products then! That will be their big loss and I will spread the words to deaf community and encourage them to use Z products to be fearless and non-confusion. If they want to play hard with us then we will give them the hard way to lose some their customers and move to better and honest VRS providers!!!!!! Sorenson is making me so angry and frustration right now. That is not so fair for us to have some local problems but not for hearing people with their cell phones at anywhere. Hey Sorenson, keep it up and you will see the worse situation with your customers into the near future and good luck! I will port my local number from Sorenson to Z product into the next few days. Bye-bye Sorenson!!!!!!!

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