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Editorial #14-The 800/866 Fiasco (NEW)

For hearing people:

– Sprint cell phones can call ATT cell phones using 800/866 numbers.
– ATT cell phones can call Verizon cell phones using 800/866 numbers.
– Verizon cell phones can call Sprint cell phones using 800/866 numbers.

For deaf and hard of hearing people:

– Z-Phones (Z-150, Z-340, Z-Ojo) can call Purple devices using 800/866 numbers.
– Sorenson VP-200’s can call Z-Phones using 800/866 numbers
– Hearing people can call Z-Phones and Purple phones using 800/866 numbers
– Z-Phones, Purple units, Snap units cannot call Sorenson VP-200’s using 800/866 numbers (that is because Sorenson does not handle 800/866 calls from other providers–only from Sorenson units)
– Hearing people can call Sorenson VP-200’s using 800/866 numbers

(Sorenson is treating hearing people better than deaf people–its units are accepting 800/866 calls from all hearing people and not accepting 800/866 calls from deaf people who do not have VP-200’s.)

The FCC issued a clarification that 800/866 numbers shall not be part of the national data base and this is contributing to a functionally unequivalent system for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Is this functional equivalence? According to the Federal legal code 47 C.F.R. § 64.601, paragraph 15 which states that any TRS or VRS service elements must be equivalent (or equal) to what the hearing people have.

Is anyone listening?  There is a lot of confusion out there (this is based on a first-hand observation of Dr. Z and his colleague, who visited 21 cities in recent weeks to talk about numbering.)  Do we deserve this?

CSDVRS has filed a petition to allow 800/866 numbers to be used.  TDI has met with the FCC supporting that petition. The NAD has issued a press release on this matter.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

1 comment to Editorial #14-The 800/866 Fiasco (NEW)

  • Ray Kenney

    One more thing to add to this. I recieve calls from Sorenson Users and I can see thier 800/866 number on my screen AND cannot call them back using this number.

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