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VRS Numbering 101-Lesson #8-"Must I make all VRS calls to my default or primary provider?" (NEW)

Numbering 101-Lesson #8

Must I make all VRS calls to my default or primary provider??

This is another question which has come up as a result of Dr. Z’s travels across the country. People wonder about the term “default (or primary) provider”.

1. You do not have to make all VRS calls to your default provider!

2. You are free to make VRS calls to any provider you prefer, such as ZVRS from your VP-200, Z-150, P3 or any other device you have.

3. Will my provider take away my device if I make VRS calls to a provider other than the one supplied by my provider? The anwer is a resounding “NO”. Some provider’s representatives may lead you to believe this. You are a consumer, and you should feel free to call your favorite VRS company.

4. Will my provider disable (or take away) my contact list if I call another provider? The answer, again is “NO”.

5. Why is there a “default provider”? Each videophone unit is supplied by a provider and that provider becomes the default provider for that device. The default provider has your profile which can be used in the event of a 911 call. If you have a device supplied by another company, that other company is the default provider for that device and also has your profile information.

Dr. Z is here to help you. We want you to communicate happily ever after!

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