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Editorial #17-Flash NEWS-FCC Issues Temporary Waiver for 866 Numbers

Today the FCC issued a temporary 4-month waiver for toll free numbers (including 866 numbers). This means any relay provider who has removed 866 numbers from their data base has to put them back. This includes Sorenson which is a major provider and caused gallons of Pepto Bismol to be consumed by the deaf and hard of hearing community, the VRS industry and the FCC in dealing with the 866 issue. Dr. Z tips his hat off to the FCC for listening to our concerns. While this is temporary, this gives us time to discuss our thoughts, exchange our views and come up with a resolution for toll-free numbers that works for us all. (Link to FCC order)

Dr. Z (and the FCC) cares about your communication access.

P.S. The makers of Pepto Bismol can now restock the shelves of the stores selling them.

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