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Editorial #22-FCC Workshop on VRS Reform Addressed Some but Not All Issues but You Can File Your Comments!

The FCC today hosted a workshop (December 17th) on VRS reform.

Dr. Z was presenting in Tennessee while the FCC workshop got underway. He was able to go over to a Starbucks to watch the second half of the workshop and the video was not that great–it stuttered a lot so some of the content did not come through. Thanks to Kelby Brick of Purple who tweeted the proceedings live on Twitter which helped fill the gaps.

It is too soon for Dr. Z to express his thoughts until he has a chance to review the FCC post of the video of the workshop on its website (link to video) (The first 5 or so minutes are not captioned.)

Based on what Dr. Z has seen so far and reading the tweets, not everything that we had hoped that would be covered was covered. But–the FCC is allowing people to file ex parte comments on its website (link to post comments). After linking to the page, click “Submit a Filing”, then enter “03-123” for Proceeding Number and under “Type of Filing”, click “Notice of Ex Parte” and fill out the rest of the form and click “Continue” to type your comments. So if after reviewing the video, you have thoughts you want to share with the FCC–Post away!!!

Dr. Z (and the FCC) cares about your communication access.

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