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Thank you America! From Dr. Z and His Associate  (NEW)

Dr. Z is back in snowy Vermont…his associate is back in the Bay Area, California. We want to thank you all for attending our 10-Digit Numbering presentations.

We spoke to you all in over 50 cities coast to coast to over 2,000 of you folks. You asked wonderful questions that we passed back on to our folks at ZVRS who are working diligently to resolve your concerns about the service. Yes, we have a long way to go, but we feel rewarded having cleared up your misconceptions and confusion about the service.

We also want to thank the local Z Specialists who helped us with the town hall meetings and our logistics people in California and Florida who smoothed our way.

This effort will not stop. We plan to continue doing this in 2010 and we will let you know. Our mission is to continue working with you to enhance your video relay experience. There are a lot of exciting things coming in the pipeline and look for them!

Once again, many thanks to you all–a wonderful audience.

Dr. Z (and his associate) cares about your communication access.

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