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Editorial #24-Dr. Z's New Year Resolutions for the VRS Industry for 2010

Happy New Year once again !!!

Dr. Z is here with his New Year’s Resolutions for the video relay service.

1) The video relay service as a whole shall continue to improve, have enhancements that go a long way towards making communication more accessible.

2) There shall be more cooperation between VRS providers in exchanging information so that all equipment can freely communicate with once another, without consumers getting confused as to why such a feature works with one device but not the other?

3) The FCC shall continue to issue orders that enhance functional equivalency of VRS.

4) We shall continue to see competition, but not be undercut by tactics by providers that instill fear, uncertainty and doubt in customers. We should not be afraid to make consumer-based decisions on our individual needs in communication.

5) VRS providers should lend a strong ear to consumer needs and not arbitrarily make changes and recommendations that restrict access.

6) VRS providers shall continue to enhance careers of deaf and hard of hearing employees and put them in decision-making positions. Boards of such companies should have deaf and hard of hearing people on them.

7) Fraud is not an option—VRS providers shall practice zero-tolerance when it comes to fraud.

8) Open standards such as H.323, SIP, H.263 and H.264 shall be followed to the letter by all providers. De-facto standards that affect interoperability should not be an option.

9) VRS providers should begin thinking of some sort of a industry association where there is a body insuring all companies work together to insure their service and equipment is interoperable.

10) VRS companies shall invest more in the community they serve.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

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