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Ask Dr. Z-Which VRS company should I choose?

Ask Dr. Z-Which VRS company should I choose?

The answer is simple–when you buy something at the store, you pick the product that meets your needs and expectations.

When it comes to VRS, there are several things one needs to look at before deciding which company meets his or her needs.

First of all is quality of the interpreters–what is the quality of the interpreters interpreting the call.  Do they understand you with out asking you to repeat?  Are they certified? Do they try to relate to you or have a “flat” face?  It is usually very important to be able to relate to the interpreter to make calls productive.

Second of all is the quality and range of the videophone equipment–does the videophone have a clear connection?  Does it connect without going through a black screen? Do you have several videophones to choose from? Do any of the videophones meet your needs, rather than being stuck with one, that you have to change your behavior in making calls?  You should dictate the need, and select the videophone that matches your need.

Third of all is customer service–if you need questions answered, is there someone at the videophone or VRS company in customer service available to answer your questions?  Is there a representative from  the VRS company available to answer your questions and support you with your concerns?

If you feel your VRS provider is not meeting your needs, you can always change providers through something called porting.  Porting allows you to move your number from your old videophone to a new videophone and VRS provider that best meets your needs.  For more information on porting, you can click this link

Remember–you are the customer–you decide what is best for your needs, not the videophone or VRS company deciding for you..

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

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