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Editorial #29-Flood of Letters Sent to FCC Supporting NAD, TDI and other's Petition re Not Limiting VRS Calls

On January 28th, the NAD, TDI and other national organizations petitioned the FCC to reconsider the limitation they imposed on certain types of VRS calls such as conference calls and calls to pager company providers.

The result has been a lot of letters to the FCC from the deaf and hard of hearing community supporting the petition filed with the FCC. This is unprecedented as Dr. Z has been following the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System for quite some time and there has not been much traffic on this until the response to this petition. This shows how the community feels about not being functionally equivalent and that our rights have been taken away. If you feel your rights are being infringed, then you should tell the FCC why you support the NAD petition and why you feel you should not be limited as to the type of VRS calls you make.

Link to the NAD petition: NAD Petition

Filing to support the petition: File comments supporting the NAD Petition

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

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