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Editorial #30-Counting to 100 Before Taking the Leap

Having been around for some time (I admit to having white hair), I have found that a simple dictum goes a long way and I will take this opportunity to outline this in view of recent developments in the VRS industry and the FCC. This is a small deviation from my usual postings, but in the blogosphere, anyone has their right to express their thoughts–this is one of the wonders of the internet!

Let me explain this dictum—when a situation comes up, it’s usually better (except in cases of emergency), to pause before we react. If we react before we pause, we often regret the consequences of our reaction. If we pause before we react and then outline our reaction, even if the outcome may not be what we want, we can tell ourselves, we did think this through and people have reasons for their decisions or whatever the case may be, and take the consequences of the situation in stride.

The recent declarations by the FCC require us to pause, read into it, discuss this among ourselves, and with the FCC. Having done all this, we can then develop a course of action and work through the system to resolve any differences. Dr. Z is sometimes guilty of reacting before pausing, but he reminds himself to “count to 100 before taking the leap.” We should use whatever processes are in place to resolve any differences.

This is only the beginning of what we may see “a sea of change” in the regulatory arena when it comes to VRS. Remember, VRS is an industry still in its infancy and this is a mid-course correction which usually happens like when a butterfly comes out of its cocoon. At first, it flies carefully and unsure of its direction before going in its targeted direction. But going towards its targeted direction, the butterfly does not fly in a straight line–it flies up and down, left and right–this is exactly where we are in the VRS industry. In due time, we all will then settle and have the service we all cherish and deserve.

Let’s count to 100 before we take the leap. We all care about VRS as a service and it is here to stay.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

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