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Editorial #31-Why Do You Need to Use a Remote Control When Using a Videophone?

When one looks for a videophone, they should select one that fits their needs. But many deaf people are provided with a free videophone that does not necessarily meet their needs, and thus changes their behavior like using a remote control when they communicate via a videophone. This doesn’t make good sense.

Look at the hearing people around us–they have cell phones, they have wireless phones in their house–they select the phones that best meet their daily habits.

Dr. Z has a Z-150 at his home office next to his laptop. With this set up Dr. Z is not giving up his television, or needs to buy a television in order to communicate via a videophone. But why a laptop next to a self-contained videophone like the Z-150? When he calls his cable company using his Z-150, in discussing with the cable company, he can look up his account on his laptop to retrieve some information. This is a natural way of using a videophone on a desk.

Many deaf people in their homes have their videophones attached to a television. That means they didn’t get a videophone for free, because they had to pay for the television attached to their videophone. They should think of looking at other providers such as ZVRS which have videophones that are comparably priced to televisions and fit a wide range of their needs so they do not have to change their behavior to fit the videophone. With the Z product line of 3 videophones and the Z4 software, the deaf person finds a videophone that fits their behavior.

How many hearing people use a remote control to talk over a cell phone? This is not the natural way. They use keypads—like the Z products.

Freedom of choice!

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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