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Let's Rock with the Z4 (with Dr. Z's Help)!!! -- ZVRS Feature #6

For this week, Dr. Z is putting up features about the fantastic videophone that everyone is talking about–the Z4!

The Z4 has so many cool features and by giving it to you piece by piece will allow you to appreciate the power of the Z4! Some of these features may be documented, some may be hidden and some may not be documented–but don’t let this bother you–as a software pioneer himself, Dr. Z has found it best to not “read the stuff”, but play with the stuff–the actual experience is usually the best way to learn.

The sixth cool feature about the Z4 is the answering machine feature—it allows both deaf and hard of hearing and hearing people to leave a message on your Z4 (and all other Z phones-Z150, Z340 and ZOjo)

Most of the other VRS providers have the answering machine feature, but it is usually just for VRS calls OR for point to point calls. The Z4 (and all Zphones) feature handles BOTH VRS and point-to-point calls. We call this the My Mail feature. Messages are forwarded to your pager or smartphone. Messages can be picked up on the Z4 or checked on the web.

For more information on the My Mail (answering machine) feature, check this website:

For a video of the My Mail feature, check this link:

To access videomail (My Mail) on the Z4, call the same number you were assigned for the Z4.

Try it! This gets you close to full functional equivalence. All the hearing folks out there have voicemail and we now have our own videomail which works even better.

Cool. isn’t it? Dr. Z will cover features about My Mail (answering machine) next week on this website..

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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