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Ask Dr. Z-I still have a 800/866 number. Is this necessary?

Dr. Z gets this question all the time at town hall meetings and other events.

It is not necessary for point to point calls (deaf/hard of hearing to deaf/hard of hearing). This is what gives the FCC indigestion. All point to point calls using videophones are free. You should give your deaf and hard of hearing friends who use videophones a local number, not a 800/866 number.

For hearing people and others who live in the same local area as you, it is not necessary to use 800/866 numbers. Most local numbers are “free”, built in the monthly bill. Give them your local numbers. That will make them realize you live in the area.

The only case where you could give out 800/866 numbers is when you have hearing people calling you from out of town. This is really the only reason for 800/866 numbers. Also if you own a business, many customers like to call on 800/866 numbers.

Also, 800/866 are the same as 877 and 888 numbers.


point-to-point–800/866 numbers are not necessary–a local number is best.
hearing callers in the same local area–800/866 numbers are not necessary–a local number is best.
hearing callers out of area or if you own a business–800/866 numbers can be useful

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

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