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Editorial #33-FCC Extends 800/866 Numbering Waiver for Another 4 Months

Today the FCC issued an order extending for 4 months the waiver regarding treatment of toll-free numbers in the Internet-based Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) numbering directory (iTRS).

The link to the waiver is as follows: Text of Toll-Free Waiver

Several months ago, everyone ran into problems when the FCC dictated that toll-free (800/866) numbers would not be tied to the national data base. Since many had 866 numbers issued by Sorenson which did not work for non-Sorenson calls in November when the FCC dictated that they should not be tied to the national data base.. The FCC then ordered the numbers restored and encouraged more education and awareness to consumers to emphasize the use of local numbers. At that time, the FCC ordered a 4-month extension to waive the treatment of the use of 800 numbers tied to the national data base. That first 4-month waiver was set to expire in early April. Today, the FCC ordered another 4-month extension and encouraged more education and awareness on using local numbers instead of 800 numbers.

Dr. Z is of the opinion that while the education and awareness efforts are still taking place, he is still seeing quite a number of 866 numbers being used by many people, especially Sorenson VP-200 users. He is asking all videophone users, to start to transition from 866 numbers to local numbers. This will insure full interoperability down the road while the FCC figures a way to treat 800/866 numbers.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

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