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Dr. Z on 10 Steps for More Effective VRS Communication (Part 2 of 3)

Dr. Z discussed this subject a year ago and he is bringing this back to remind us all how important is it for us to communicate effectively with our video interpreters (VI) for a successful VRS call.

This is Part 2 of 3. The fourth through sixth of 10 items are covered in this vlog/blog. Those steps are outlined below:

4. Be sure there is adequate lighting in your room—not too bright, not too dark.

5. Be sure you are an appropriate distance from the camera. Use the “three little bears” test: not too far, not too close … just right!

6. If you choose to announce the call yourself, just say something simple like, “This is (your name). Because I am deaf, I am using a sign language interpreter over the phone to make this call.” If this confuses the other party, ask the interpreter to announce the call. For people you have called
through VRS before, it is still a good idea to say, “This is (your name). I am talking to you through a sign language interpreter.”

For the complete list of 10 steps, click on this link

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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