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Editorial #57-FCC Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on VRS (#2-Overview of Rate Inquiry)

The FCC NOI has 2 parts–the first part focuses on how the FCC can improve the method to decide on rates and compensation for the VRS providers.  In order to do this, they need to go over the following items.  These will be discussed individually in the weeks to come:

  1. Accounting Issues
  2. Company-Specific Compensation
  3. Outreach and Marketing Costs
  4. Research and Development Costs
  5. Videophone Equipment
  6. Protection of Providers from Under-Compensation and Avoidance of Over-Compensation
  7. Certification
  8. In the next vlog/blog, Dr. Z will give an overview on Broader and Economic Issues Facing VRS.

    Dr. Z (and the FCC) cares about your communication access.

    Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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