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Apple iPod Touch (It Can Do Video!)-An Update by Dr. Z (Smartphone Update #3)

Every now and then, a new gadget comes on the market. Dr. Z is always on the lookout for them, especially as to how they do video communication.

Now we have a new device while technically not a smartphone, it can do video. It is the Apple iPod Touch. It works just like the Apple iPhone 4, except that it cannot use a 3G phone network. If you have wifi coverage, the iPod Touch can function almost like a phone (you cannot dial using phone numbers, but you can do FaceTime for video communication using wifi.) The iPod Touch uses the same software for apps as the iPhone 4.

With the new version of iOS (the operating system that runs the iPod Touch and the iPhone 4), you can connect with other FaceTime users by their email addresses. Remember, it works with other FaceTime devices–meaning just Apple devices such as the iPod Touch and the iPhone 4–it will NOT work with other videophones such as the Z-series (Z-150, Z-340, Z-Ojo and the Z4, or the VP-200.)

Be aware that there are 4 models of the iPod–Shuffle, Nano, Classic and the Touch. Only the iPod Touch has video communication capability and be sure you are looking at the new version of the iPod Touch which has a front-facing camera. The old version of iPod Touch does not have a front-facing camera. Without a front-facing camera, you would not be able to do video communication.

The iPod Touch comes in 3 models, priced from $229 to $399, depending on how much memory you want. The amount of memory does not change the function of the iPod Touch, it just allows you to hold more videos, more music. For more info, go to the Apple website using this link.

(NOTE: The video has a small error–the iPhone 4 does not support 4G, only 3G.)

We are really getting independence in communication with all those devices coming on the market of late.

These are exciting times for video communication!

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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