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Editorial #64-A Race to a New Telecommunications Paradigm-A Guest Blog by Cousin Vinny

From time to time, Dr. Z puts up blogs from other bloggers–some of whom are independent of ZVRS but have thoughts that Dr. Z feels you all need to be aware of.

In our history, we have seen how new inventions or technologies have changed how people behave, think and live. The blog by Cousin Vinny is one example–he gives an insight into how he sees the VRS industry changing with what is coming down the road (some of which have come on the scene in recent months and weeks.) Recently, Dr. Z wrote a blog on “What will Videophones in the Future Look Like?” If you read Cousin Vinny’s blog and then read my blog, you will understand why things are happening the way they are.

A common term to describe a major change is “paradigm shift” which according to Wikipedia is “change in a fundamental model of events.” We have VRS as a fundamental model–the VRS industry is 10 years old today and the past few months we have seen many events that are accelerating the change, such as the FCC and the emergence of mobile devices.

To read Cousin Vinny’s blog, click this link.

To read Dr. Z’s editorial on what videophones in the future will look like, click this link.

You can read the text of the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry (NOI) with this link. The NOI asks a lot of questions that impact the industry.

Dr. Z wants to express his appreciation to Cousin Vinny for allowing him to share his blog. Note that he wrote this last June, not in recent days.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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