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What Will Videophones in the Future Look Like?--Dr. Z and His Crystal Ball

Dr. Z is looking into his crystal ball.

The crystal ball gives us a beautiful view of the future of videophones.

No longer will we be limited to one videophone.

No longer will we need to walk to our videophone.

No longer will the videophone be put in the wrong room for its intended use.

By the time 2011 comes around, we will have a different videophone environment–one that the videophone is where you want it to be–on your person, in the right corner of your room, on your desk, not taking your TV away from you.

The mobile environment will be the glue that ties it all together—we will have a videophone that we will carry with us–it can be as small as a cell phone (Apple iPhone 4 or iPod Touch; Samsung Epic), or it can be like a tablet computer, like the Apple iPad. While the iPad does not yet have a front-facing camera, it soon will have–some of Apple’s competitors, such as Samsung are coming out with tablet computers that have a front-facing camera. All this means you will never be several feet away from your videophone.

Who will be providing all this? ZVRS will and it is ready–over the next few months–ZVRS will come out with solutions to make your video experience one that meets your needs! Look for them on this site, and on the ZVRS website (link).

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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