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What is an Eco-System--Apple and Google?

Many people wonder what the term “eco-system” refers to?

It means devices in a family of products work together in many more ways than one. To use the Apple eco-system as an example–you have the Mac (computer), iPhone 4 ( mobile device), iPod Touch (mobile system) and the Apple TV (TV interface). All of these units work to exchange information. You can have the Mac taking information from the iPod, and then show it on a TV using Apple TV. Or you can use Facetime on the Mac to communicate with an iPod or an iPhone.

Dr. Z on his tour has demonstrated the Apple eco-system and people walk away awed at the possibility of how technology can change our lives in so short a time. Apple has thought everything out and this is only the beginning.

This is not to ignore Google. Google has their Android system– the Android mobile phones, their Chrome browser, their Google TV. They are still putting the pieces together to communicate seamlessly. Dr. Z had the opportunity to sit down with a knowledgeable Google TV person at a Best Buy store recently and he walked away awed at the possibilities it will bring. The major difference is that you can do a videochat on a Google TV device. Dr. Z needs to do more research on how interoperable it is with the current crop of videophones.

We have begun to scratch the surface of how everything ties together. In a year, we will have a better idea and then enjoy what technology has to offer, The age of set-top videophones with a single purpose (video conferencing) will still have a place but with very defined settings, such as a workplace.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access (and is excited about what the future has to offer.)

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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