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AT&T Atrix--An Hidden (Android) Gem in Mobile Phones!

What is so special about the AT&T ATRIX from Motorola?

At first, it looks like a typical videophone–but Motorola (who makes the phone) went one step further–the phone has a laptop dock and a HD Multimedia dock. What that means is after you use the phone while you are out of the house, when you get home you attach it (dock it) to a laptop and the laptop accesses all the information on the phone and you use the laptop as a computer–while you are in the house. You can do many things with the laptop and any new information you out on the laptop is also put on the phone (because it is attached via a dock.) Then you can move it to a HD multimedia dock and the dock attaches to a television and it can play whatever you downloaded on your phone to your HDTV! This means your phone can do everything while you are out of the house, and do more when you are back home! Here is the link to the AT&T website about the phone. What a cool phone this is!

AND it is now available for videophone calls with the Z4 Mobile! (link to download Z4 Mobile)

Information on AT&T Motorola ATRIX (link)

Information on AT&T Motorola ATRIX HD Multimedia Dock (link)

Info on AT&T Motorola ATRIX Webtop (link)

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z is a contractor working with CSDVRS on several projects.

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