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Eureka!!!! Made a Z4 Mobile Call on the Amtrak Auto Train

Dr. Z and his wife are on their way home from Florida to Vermont taking the Amtrak Auto Train. He has tried the Z4 Mobile on an Apple iPad2 in an airplane and now he has tried it on a train….using wifi (he was using a Sprint Overdrive device.)

This shows the versality of the device…you can use it practically anywhere to make video calls…with a good wifi or 3G or 4G connection you can declare independence from the leash of wires attached to your videophone. Using an iPad2 during travel is amazing…in addition to making video calls, you can browse the Internet, get directions, read magazines and newspapers, reading books..what a perfect travel companion it is!

Dr. Z declares today my Travel Independence Day!

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclaimer: Dr. Z (Philip Bravin) is employed by ZVRS as its Vice-President of Marketing.

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