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Editorial #88-VRS Funding Per Minute or Per Customer? That is What the FCC is Looking At

The FCC has extended the current VRS rates into next year until they have come up with a funding mechanism to pay for VRS.

One of the things they are now looking at and is under discussion is changing the reimbursement to VRS providers from a per minute basis to a per customer basis. That could mean VRS providers will be paid a flat fee per customer served, without regard for the number of minutes each customer uses the service.

This represents a possible major change in how VRS is provided. Is this a good idea? Is this going to be fair? Will this affect the quality of service for deaf and hard of hearing consumers? This requires some thought and further discussion.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclaimer: Dr. Z is currently the Vice-President of Marketing at CSDVRS, LLC.

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