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Editorial #93: Clarifications on 800/866 Numbers-Answering Your Questions

Dr. Z has been getting a lot of questions/inquiries about the FCC’s ruling on 800/866 numbers. He will try to clarify this here.

Q. Does that mean without 800/866 numbers, I will have to pay for VRS and VP calls from my local number?
A. The answer is NO. There will be no cost for outgoing VP or VRS calls. You will NOT be billed for any VP or VRS calls you make. You are already paying for the service today by paying for your monthly internet service (Comcast, RoadRunner, DSL, etc.) Your monthly internet service is your “phone bill.”

Q. Why did we have 800/866 service in the first place? Why was it “free”?
A. 800/866 numbers are free for hearing people to call you. That is the only reason for the “free” part. Now with a local number, the hearing people calling you will have to pay for a long distance call. BUT, since most hearing people have cell phones–cell phone plans do not have a long distance surcharge so that would not matter too much.

Q. Will I get a new bill for local numbers?
A. There will be no new bill. Everything will remain the same for you.

Q. What if I do not change from a 800/866 number to a local number?
A. In one year, people will not be able to reach you on your 800/866 number, unless you pay for the 800/866 number.

Q. If I want to keep my 800/866 number, what should I do?
A. Your videophone company will make arrangements to have you pay for the number. It will be a few dollars per month to have a 800/866 number.

Please take the time to change your 800/866 numbers to local numbers. ZVRS customer service can help you if you wish, by sending an email to (click the … to avoid mail spam) or calling ZVRS on VP# 866-932-7891.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclaimer: Dr. Z is currently the Vice-President of Marketing at CSDVRS, LLC.

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