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Editorial #94: Dr. Z Cares About You--Please Do NOT VP While Driving!

There has been some “chatter” on social media about people carrying a video conversation while driving.

We already know that texting while driving causes accidents and things like that. A tree or a telephone pole does not move; and another car may be in your way before you know it. It requires a few seconds to respond.

Talking on video while driving is dangerous and while Dr. Z is not a medical doctor, he is prescribing you not to do that–it is not safe and can cause accidents.

If you need to talk on video while you are on the road, pull over to a shoulder, enter a service area or a parking lot. This is much safer and the few minutes the trip may take longer adds to your margin of safety.

Again, please do not VP while driving for everyone’s peace of mind.

Thank you for listening.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclaimer: Dr. Z (Philip Bravin) is currently the Vice-President of Marketing at CSDVRS, LLC.

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