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Happy Holidays--15 Days of ZVRS! (12th Gift of 15) (Z4 for PC and Mac)

Happy Holidays! This is the 12th “gift” from ZVRS–all the goodies we have to offer during the holiday season and beyond.

The “gift” is “Z4 for PC and Mac”–with a webcam, your PC or Mac can become a videophone! How? Downloading Z4 from makes your PC or Mac into a videophone. You can make and receive calls on your PC or Mac just like any videophone. Address Book (My Contacts) can be downloaded from your profile on so you do not have to re-enter phone numbers every time you have a new device. Most laptop Macs have a built-in webcam!

Happy webcamming!

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z (Philip W. Bravin) is an employee with CSDVRS, currently its Vice-President of Marketing.

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