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Happy Holidays--15 Days of ZVRS! (8th Gift of 15) (Videomail-My Mail)

Happy Holidays! This is the 8th “gift” from ZVRS–all the goodies we have to offer during the holiday season and beyond.

The “gift” is “Videomail-My Mail”–ZVRS has the best videomail application of any of the VRS providers out there—your callers can leave a message and you can pick it up from your pager, your email or your Z-Phone. You can even create a custom video mail which shows you telling the other party “sorry, I am not available, can you please leave a message?”

It is a beauty–you will not be missing calls from anyone. Most importantly–it works for point to point or VRS on all Z-Phones, including mobile devices and your computer!

Happy videomailing!

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z (Philip W. Bravin) is an employee with CSDVRS, currently its Vice-President of Marketing.

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