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Editorial #107: More

Dr. Z is deaf…in addition to being associated with ZVRS, he is also a consumer of VRS.

He continues to travel all over the country and still is hearing some unpleasant stories from consumers that the practices of a certain provider is creating issues for deaf and hard of hearing consumers.

First things first-

Let’s look at the definition of harassment from Webster’s dictionary: (1) to annoy persistently (2) : to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct

Let’s look at definition of sell from Webster’s dictionary: to persuade or influence to a course of action or to the acceptance of something

Let’s look at the practices of that certain provider as related to Dr. Z in person at town hall meetings:

– the provider’s trainer shows up unannounced at people’s homes, especially during dinnertime (is this selling or harassment, based on the definitions above?)

– the provider’s trainer makes 10-15 phone calls to the consumer urging them to port to them (is this selling or harassment, based on the definition above?)

– the provider’s trainer rings the consumer’s doorbell at late at night asking if they would port (is this selling or harassment, based on the definitions above?)

– the provider’s trainer makes untruthful statements about early termination fees and commitment periods, saying if they port to them, they can’t port back after 2 years (is this selling or harassment, based on the definitions above?)

The list goes on and on. The FCC has some examples of the above submitted to the in the form of complaints.

Is that provider still listening? “Enough is enough.” The executives of that company have categorically denied such actions–are they aware that their people on the front lines are perpetuating such behavior? With 80 percent of the market, and resorting to such behavior, leads Dr. Z to wonder if there are some issues requiring them to meet their numbers. I am sure their investors who work in the corporate world would not condone such behavior in the companies they invest in.

Dr. Z cares about the quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere and not to use their videophones in “fear.”

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z (Philip W. Bravin) is associated with CSDVRS, currently its Vice-President of Business Development and Outreach.

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