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Editorial #121: FCC Issues Public Notice for VRS-Many Suggested Changes

The FCC has issued a public notice for changes to the VRS program. The changes are not in place yet. The FCC is asking for comments before they decide on the changes. Some of the suggested changes are major and one of them involves a rate reduction.

Here is a list of some of the suggested changes:

– VRS Access Technology

  • Should VRS software be developed by one provider for all to use or  there should be several that are reviewed and approved?
  • How would people get support if they have problems switch the software?
  • Separating access providers and interpreting providers.  Should there be one provider or several.  With one provider, deaf  and hard of hearing people do not have a choice but it will be easy for the FCC TO MANAG

– Rate Changes

  • Changes from 3 tiers to 2 tiers.
  • First tier is up to 500,000 minutes per month
  • Changes from about $6.23 to $5.29

  • Second tier is over 500,000 minutes changes
    • Changes from $5.04 to $4.50

    These suggested changes have far-reaching implications and can affect the quality of service, innovation and research and development.

    You can view the Public Notice at this link.

    Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

    Disclaimer: Dr. Z is currently the Vice-President of Business Development and Outreach at CSDVRS, LLC.

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