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Editorial #129: Ping Pong at the FCC Between ZVRS, Purple and Sorenson!

The FCC is going to issue some orders and some new processes related to VRS any day soon.

Providers and consumers have been knocking on the FCC’s door to present their cases and mitigate any effect the new orders and processes may have on VRS as a service as we know it. This is like a ping pong game, with people looking at the ball going back and forth–VRS reform is going to happen, like it or not. The last thing we want to happen is to have it change VRS as we know and appreciate it.

Bottom line–the rules must dictate what is best for the consumer. What does this mean?

–freedom of choice of devices, without getting stuck with a device that one cannot use or communicate with other devices
–freedom of choice of software, with address books being portable (able to move) from one provider to another
–freedom of obstruction–without worrying if a call gets blocked, gets a black screen (full interoperability)
–freedom to make a call anywhere, anytime
–freedom of being tied to a remote control unit
–freedom of choice of providers, picking the provider that provides the best features and interpreters

This is ZVRS’s position-meaning you can go into a store and get the device you want and go ahead and make a call with a provider that has the best interpreters and features, so easy, so simple. Why go through the hassle of having a provider set it up for you and have them control what features and what you want on your device. This is a free country–we are FREE people, we should do what we want, not what others tell us what we should do!

Heres a link to the FCC’s postings–read on–(link)


Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclaimer: Dr. Z is currently the Vice-President of Business Development and Outreach at CSDVRS, LLC.

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