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Editorial #135: ZVRS Meets With FCC on Sorenson Interoperability Issues-Enough is Enough!

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On November 25, 2013, ZVRS met with FCC to lay interoperability issues on the table as it concerns Sorenson.

Everyone can leave videomail messages on their videophones EXCEPT Sorenson.

We CANNOT get address book lists from Sorenson devices when people switch providers via a port.


Sorenson has been doing this for years. They get public money and still do practices that do not promote the public interest–that is freedom of communication and access for deaf and hard of hearing people-this was the intent of the ADA–the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sorenson is doing practices that do not promote freedom of communication among deaf and hard of hearing people. This is not proper–ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint for hearing people do not do things that border on fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), while we deaf and hard of hearing people use a service that gets public money deal with fear, uncertainty and doubt by limiting our freedoms.

We implore the FCC to act on this.

You can read ZVRS’ filing. (link)

You can file a complaint with the FCC on these practices. (link)

By the way, if you need video communication (VP or VRS), why not try Z5, you will like it! Click here to get it! (See if you qualify to get a FREE tablet with a stand!).

Or dial 888-888-1116 from your Sorenson device to see how great our interpreters are!

Thank for for listening.

It is time for us to have our freedoms back once and for all.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclaimer: Dr. Z (Philip Bravin) is currently the Vice-President of Business Development at CSDVRS, LLC.

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