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A Great Case for Your iPhone (Perfect for Z5 Mobile Video)


Dr. Z has been using a great case for his iPhone and it works splendidly when used as a stand for video communication using Z5 Mobile.

He loved it so much that he got one for his wife. He learned about this case from Joel Barish, who runs Deaf Nation and travels very extensively. Thank you Joel!

This case has a built-in kickstand and it is part of the protective cover and works both in portrait and landscape mode.

It is available for the iPhone. Dr. Z has not used it for his iPad, but they offer models for the iPad as well.

You can order this case from the following link (link to case website) (Dr. Z gets no commission!) You can also order it from Amazon.

So easy so simple!

By the way, if you need video communication (VP or VRS), why not try Z5, you will like it! Click here to get it! (See if you qualify to get a FREE tablet with a stand!)

Dr. Z is proud to be part of the team that understands and listens to the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community!

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

Disclosure: Dr. Z (Philip W. Bravin) is associated with CSDVRS, currently its Vice-President of Business Development

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