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Ask Dr. Z--Will my laptop with the Z4 work while I travel?

Dr. Z has crisscrossed the country the past few weeks and he did this last November and December conducting town hall meetings.

This is to give you an insight into how one deals with all kinds of wifi connections and wired connections while traveling on the road.

The Z4 is a blessing–Dr. Z uses it often to make relay calls and calls his wife every day to check on her while he travels. He has never experienced the freedom to communicate he has had in the past and to be able to talk with his wife and see her everyday on the road is a life changing event, indeed.

But–the wired and wifi world is not perfect–here are some patterns for you to consider. First of all, in a perfect world, with a good connection, a video call works beautifully.

The truth of the matter is that wifi or wired connections on the road do not always give you the necessary bandwidth to experience high quality video communication.

Some airports are better than others. Some hotels are better than others. Some hotels within the same chain vary greatly in quality. What Dr. Z has noticed that in many hotels, the internet connection is much worse at night when everyone else in the hotel uses internet and shares the single line that comes into the hotel.

The same is true with the mifi (3G/4G) or Sprint Overdrive. Sometimes a 3G signal works very well, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a 4G connection works fantastically, sometimes it doesn’t. Do not blame it on your computer or the z4–blame it on the poor quality of internet connections.

Some McDonald’s or Starbucks have better wifi connections than others. Dr. Z has had better experience with Barnes and Noble–they seem to have the best connections anywhere.

The bottom line is–if you find your connection not too good–move to another place–move closer to the lobby in the hotel, move to another McDonald’s or Starbucks.

Most of the time, the connection is good for browsing on the internet–but when it comes to making a video call–it varies greatly from one place to another.

Dr. Z is confident that over time, we will continue to experience better internet connections. Remember, hearing people do have problems with their cell phones. Some places do not give you a good connection, others do….its the same with a video call.

But Dr. Z loves his Z4 to death–its the best invention since sliced bread (or the wheel.)

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.


Note: The Z-Contacts will be available for the Z-150 in August, 2009. It is available for all other Z-units as of this writing (July 13, 2009)

Info on 800 Numbers (ANIMATION)

I am waiting for my Z. When can I get it?

Yes, you are not the only one asking this question. ZVRS is aware and they have not forgotten you. ZVRS has received many orders and they are working very hard to catch up. You will be notified about 2 weeks before ZVRS expects to ship your order. Thank you for your patience.

What is the difference between a Z-150, Z-340, Z-Ojo and Z-PC-100?

These are model names given to different devices being distributed by ZVRS.

The Z-150 is a desktop modem which is not portable. It sits on the desktop and has its own screen (does not require a TV). It cannot be plugged to an external monitor nor does it have batteries. It is designed to sit on your desk. The viodeo quality is of very high quality and is designed to go through firewalls with both incoming and outgoing calls.

The Z-340 is a portable device and has its own screen as well. It can be plugged to an external video monitor such as a TV. It also has wifi capability and can be run on batteries. It is designed to be mobile, taken from one place to another. A commonly misunderstood feature is whether it operates on a cellular network. It only works with wifi, not cellular, like a Blackberry or the like.

The Z-Ojo is similar to a Z150, except that the screen is more vertical.

The Z-PC-100 is software that is downloaded to your PC. It does not work on a Mac and it requires a webcam to enable video communication.

For more information, click on this link.

How is the "Z" different from products offered by other providers?

ZVRS is the only provider offering several products–each person using a videophone has his/her own set of needs–by offering several products, we are able to meet the needs of everyone at high quality.

What is the "Z"?

The “Z” is the product line of top-notch videophones offered by ZVRS.