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VCO Plus—How can VCO be made better? Absolutely, with Just One Line!

Voice carry over (VCO) is for those deaf and hard-of-hearing VRS users who can speak well enough for the hearing person on the other side to understand them. They still need an interpreter to interpret the hearing person’s voice dialogue.

The old and traditional way to do VCO required 2 lines (2-line VCO) for the deaf and hard of hearing person. One line to make the call and the other line was a regular phone line to speak back to the hearing person. This is a very cumbersome and costly method and required some time to set up the call because the video interpreter would have to work on connecting the call to the telephone.

The latest development (pioneered by ZVRS) is VCO Plus, which is one-line VCO. It does not need the second line for the phone as voice communication is handled through the Z-Phones (Z-150, Z-340 and Z-Ojo) All of these phones have microphones built into them. There is no delay in setting up the call as the the voice portion goes through the microphone to the hearing person. When an incoming call comes in, all that is needed is to press a button to answer the call and enable the microphone on the phone and conversation starts right away. No need to wait for the second phone to be set up. This is almost real time and people who have tried this rave about this.

This is an example of how technology can enable communication and make things even more functionally equivalent.

Dr. Z cares about your communication access.

What is VCO?

Voice carry-over or “VCO” is a calling methology that allows a deaf/hard of hearing person to speak to a hearing person using a videophone/phone and see the interpreter interpret the voice dialogue from the hearing operson on the other end of the line. The caller does not need to use sign language nor needs the interpreter to voice the call for the deaf/hard of hearing caller.

What is 1-line VCO and how is it different from 2-line VCO?

One-line VCO is the latest and most revolutionary form of VRS technology available to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals who prefer to use their voice in VRS calls. The older and more outdated form called 2 line VCO consisted of what’s called a ‘callback number,’ which refers to a landline phone, cell phone or PDA from which the Deaf or hard of hearing VRS user can talk to the hearing person.

With the new Z videophone family, a ‘callback number’ is no longer required! Its result is an effortless, convenient and efficient phone call where you can talk DIRECTLY into the videophone. All of the Z videophones have top-quality audio microphones and are compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implants. In addition, should you desire a headset eliminating any possible background noise, we have a list of suggested equipment available for purchase at various retail stores.